Doughnut Plant - NY

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Doughnut Plant (LES)
This place has been on my must try for a while, but there are so many great spots to eat in New York that I never remember to come here.  The tres leches doughnuts are the most popular donuts and they sell out fast!  This trip to New York I actually came here twice. 
First attempt -I happened to walk by and remember I wanted to eat a doughnut here, but it was late in the afternoon and of course, tres leches was out.  There were actually only 3 types available at this time.  Me being extremely upset that I remembered to come here and the doughnut I wanted wasn't even available, I actually put up a good fuss about not even wanting to try any doughnut until I ate that one first.  Calming down I ordered the strawberry doughnut.  It was glazed on the outside, very fluffy on the inside.  Yup, tastes like strawberries.  Not sure if its because I had my heart set on tres leches, but I didn't really care for the strawberry.  Although I secretly think it must not be that good in comparison to the others because it was one of the few options left late in the afternoon.

Tres Leches
Second attempt:  Yay! Score - 1 tres leches doughnut.  This doughnut was a cake doughnut, versus the previously tried strawberry doughnut, being a yeast doughnut.  Breaking apart you notice that this doughnut is denser, but still very moist when you bite into it.  It didn't break apart in your mouth either like most cake donuts I've experienced.  So yummy!  The light coating of frosting provides the slightest sweetness to the doughnut.

Verdict:            Tres leches is a must, but make sure you get their earlier in the day to score your prize.  The menu does change daily, but tres leches is a regular item.  Donuts are made fresh throughout the day.

Address:           Doughnut Plant
                         379 Grand St. 
                         New York, NY 10002
Type:               dessert

Popular chomps:  tres leches doughnut

Chomp worthy:  tres leches doughnut

Pass:               strawberry doughnut

Random facts:
  • PB& J donut was featured in Food Network's Best Thing I ever Ate 
  • Tres Leches donut was featured in Bobby Flay's Throwdown (Food Network).

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