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Goodbye Hersheys and hello TCHO.  TCHO is steadily becoming more of a household name, at least within the Bay Area.  Many restaurants and cafes use their product, Smitten being one of them (see post HERE).  Their factory along the Embarcadero provides a free chocolate tour daily, but because of its popularity you have to reserve online ahead of time.  Not exactly Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, but it does offer some fun facts on chocolate and some free tastings.  No tickets are needed to peek through the giftshop and cafe.   

TCHO chocolate already has a pretty rich chocolate taste, but for $2 you can get a "shot" of 3oz of rich drinking chocolate.  For those that want to test how much of a chocolate lover they are, I suggest ordering that.  Its intense dark chocolate that is so thick, it coats your mouth with a velvety smooth chocolate layer.  Supposedly drinking this shot will give you a euphoric feeling, but I had to stop myself at a couple sips and tap out.  Too chocolate for me.

Address:                 TCHO
                                Pier 17
                                San Francisco, CA
Type:                       dessert

Popular chomps:     chocolate shot

Chomp worthy:        anything chocolate        

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