Yamazaki Bakery

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Even hundreds of miles from home, I can't escape my love for Asian baked goods.  Yamazaki Bakery is located in LA's Japantown and reminds me similar bakeries back home.
Sweet, savory, cakes, buns, Yamazaki Bakery has something for everyone.  They also have a case of "warm" pastries and goodies on the left side of counter.

The croquette bun was picked from the "warm" case, but it wasn't warm at all.  Even bought in the morning, this crisscross pastries with a fried potato croquette tucked inside was not fluffy at all.  It tasted like it was possibly a day old.  Disappointing as I had high hopes for this one.
Almost every Asian bakery has some hot dog type bread.  Yamazaki Bakery has a couple.  Their regular hot dog bread was dry and lacked a fresh, spongy texture.
Similar to the hot dog bread was the jalapeno hot dog bread with the only apparent difference being a little on the spicy side.  Not too spicy, but gave the lacking hot dog a much needed kick.  Although it had the same issue as the regular hot dog with the disappointing bread.

Niku doughnut offered no explanation to what surprise was hidden inside.  One bite inside the crunchy, but soft shell made way to what I think is minced meat.  Hard to say exactly what the filling was, but it was good and my favorite treat from this haul.

Curry pan is one of my favorite breads in Asian bakeries.  Their fried exterior with Japanese curry filling is always a delight.  This one fit the standard curry pan expectations. 

Address:                  Yamazaki Bakery
                                 123 Japanese Village Plz Mall
                                 Los Angeles, CA
Type:                       bakery/Japanese/Asian

Popular chomps:     curry pan

Chomp worthy:        niku doughnut       

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