Apple Pan

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This LA trip was all about the 2 B's:  burger and bakeries.  Apple Pan was the easiest to conquer with its super late night hours (Fri/Sat 1a and midnight all other days).  Apple Pan is an LA institution and they pride themselves on keeping everything the same from the food to the interior design. 

The restaurant itself is all counter seating.  There isn't a hostess so you pretty much have to stake out for an open spot, but after 10p it wasn't much of a problem.

Sodas here are served paper cones held up by a metal cup holder.  Quirky, but cool.  It reminds me of a poor man's goblet.

Almost every burger is here is not without a plateful of fries.  The fries are obviously frozen, but they still make them above average.  Its all about full service here.  Ketchup is squirted on a paper plate for you.

There are two burgers offered at Apple Pan. Although everything else in the restaurant seems to be stuck in a time capsule, their prices are definitely not.  Their burgers fit perfectly in two hands and cost $6.75 with cheese being $.50 extra.  The hickory burger is their most popular burger.  Its served with all the basics - lettuce, pickle, mayo, and a secret sauce.  Their secret sauce just tastes like a sweet bbq sauce.  Their burger was just average, not really that juicy.

Although the hickory burger seems to be the staple order here, many people do order the other burger - the steakburger.  Its served with its own secret sauce, which reminds me of a sweet relish.  Not sure which burger I like better, neither really hit home for me. 

The lettuce served on their burger is not one of those wimpy, wilted lettuce leaves.  Its a huge wedge.  While some people may not enjoy the lettuce to meat ratio, I found the wedge to provide a nice crunch to be really refreshing.

A slice of pie seems to be a popular way to end the meal here whether its to eat here or to go.  They often have different flavors so its best to ask what that day's pies are.  I pretty much had my heart set on a banana cream pie.  It didn't disappoint.  Layers and layers of sliced bananas topped with a thin layer of banana pudding and whipped cream.  I loved how this banana cream pie was a no nonsense type pie and filled with bananas in each bite.  Definitely the highlight of the meal. 

Address:                  Apple Pan
                                 10801 W. Pico Blvd.
                                 Los Angeles, CA 
Type:                        burger 

Popular chomps:      hickory burger
                                  banana cream pie
                                  apple pie

Chomp worthy:         banana cream pie     

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