Dos Coyotes

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So maybe its not La Palma (see post HERE), or even El Farolito (see post HERE), but Dos Coyotes rings with nostalgia for me.  Probably a step above Chipotle, but I don't care, I love it! 

Unfortunately, Dos Coyotes has yet to grace the Bay Area with their prescence with most of their locations north of Davis. 

As a poor student, the shrimp burrito was one of the rare treats that I indulged in.  Its fluffy rice with plump shrimp (6 to be exact - when you are a student, you count these types of things) and white sauce was amazing!  I've often looked for a  similar substitute in the Bay Area, but never had much luck.

The mahi mahi burrito is another popular choice.  Flakes of mahi mahi fish and their 

Address:                  Dos Coyotes
                                 1411 W. Covell Blvd
                                 Davis, CA

Type:                       Mexican

Popular chomps:     shrimp burrito
                                 mahi mahi burrito
                                 paella burrito
Chomp worthy:        shrimp burrito       

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