El Farolito

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San Francisco is best known for their "Mission-style" burritos.  My absolute favorite and my personal definition of a true Mission burrito is at El Farolito.  Another great thing about this place is that they open till 4a on the weekends.  The two best (and most popular) things to eat in the Mission after the bars are the bacon wrapped hot dogs and El Farolito.
Carne Asada Burrito - #72 on 2012 7x7 SF's Top 100 Eats
The carne asada burrito here is my favorite item on the menu.  There are two "types" - regular and super. Super includes avocado and sour cream.  The best thing about El Farolito is the avocado.  Huge chunks of freshly scooped avocado instead of mushy (probably brown) guacamole.  Everytime I eat a burrito here I wonder, how is that they have the best avocados here all year 'round?

updated - Working my way through the 2012 7x7's SF big eat 100 things

Address:                           El Farolito
                                                  2779 Mission St.
                                                  San Francisco, CA  

Type:                                   Mexican/burritos/casual

Popular chomps:      super carne asada burrito
                                      quesadilla suiza
                                                   super carnitas burrito

Chomp worthy:            super carne asada burrito

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