Cafe Fanny

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This quaint brunch/lunch place is an Alice Waters institution.
Cafe Fanny is one of the few places in the Bay Area that serves legit beignets.  You have your choice of either freshly made jam or chocolate.  These light pillows of fried dough come with a light sprinkling of powered sugar.  Unfortunately, they don't come out warm.
Seasonal fresh fruit compote (today's was apple) over crunchy granola and Straus Organic yogurt.  When you pour the yogurt over the granola you get a bite of tart, sweet, fruity, and crunchy all in one.  This dish was made famous as Tyler Florence's favorite "in a bowl" dish in Food Network's Best Thing I Ever Ate.
A little misleading with the menu describing it as a cinnamon toast, but its actually more raisin than cinnamon.  The bread is so soft and fluffy with a lightly toasted crunch.  The four pieces seemed a bit too much for me.  I feel like this could be better as a french toast.

Address:                        Cafe Fanny
                                              1603 San Pablo Ave.
                                              Berkeley, CA

Type:                                cafe/brunch/lunch/French

Popular chomps:   beignets
                                               cinnamon toast
                                               cafe au lait
                                               egg dishes
                                               granola with seasonal fruit

Chomp worthy:       beignets    
                                              granola with seasonal fruit

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