AQ Restaurant & Bar

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AQ.  It's named for "as quoted", which is often seen on high priced shellfish, seafood, and meats on the menu.  I would even go far as to say the first thought upon seeing an AQ by an item is usually, "probably way too pricey for my blood" or special occasions only.  The setting, price point, and food at AQ is far from a stuffy, overpriced, special occasion meal.

AQ has the most welcoming interior in the most unassuming neighborhood.  It reminds me of NOPA when it first opened.
Venison tartare with celeriac, mustard & preserved egg yolk.  The egg yolk actually comes in an ice cream form so it imparts a really creamy, cold texture to the tartare. 
Parsnip glazed maple, dayboat scallops, caraway seed & mushrooms.  Well cooked delicious scallops, but nothing creative or awe-inspired. 
chestnuts, boudin noir, quince & brussel sprouts.  A little surprised to see foam in San Francisco - Wasn't that the trend years ago?  I've never been too much of a fan of foam, especially since this one didn't offer much flavoring to the dish.  Pretty, though.
Tortelloni of wild greens, warm shellfish escabeche & winter citrus
Ahi Tuna with sesame cracker.  Our table received this dish because at this point the dinner was at its 1.5 hour mark and we had not yet received our main courses.
Branzino, potato, chard, guanciale, & sweet onion.
Duck aged on the bone, beetroot, fennel.  A decently prepared duck, but nothing special.
Chicken & Red Kuri Squash, leeks, toasted
Slow cooked beef cheek, bone marrow, turnips, oregano, capers
popcorn, carmelized sponge cake, banana & marcona almonds
Dark chocolate chibouste, graham cracker & torched marshmallow.  This dish tasted like a chewy s'more, which I'm pretty sure they were going for.  Not amazing, but considering the rest of the meal it's more/less the highlight of the dinner.
Chocolate with pistachios

AQ has potential and its obviously working out some kinks, so maybe another taste in another couple months.

Address:                       AQ Restaurant & Bar
                                             1085 Mission St.
                                             San Francisco, CA

Type:                               American/casual

Popular chomps:   duck aged on the bone
                                               beef cheek

Chomp worthy:        nothing

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