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Finding a food truck without twitter is like playing cat and mouse... 
The Chairman is a fun play on Chinese buns (aka baos).  They serve two kinds:  the smaller steamed version (peking duck buns) and a baked version ( baked pork buns).  The baked versions are twice the price, but they are twice the size as well. 

Pulled pork steamed bun with cabbage and preserved mustard seeds.  You can't see from the cabbage, but there is ALOT of pork underneath.  It has a slightly tangy and sweet taste from the slaw.  The steamed bun is definitely authentic tasting - fluffy, soft, and every so slightly sweet.

This is the same pulled pork bun, but on a baked bun instead of a steamed bun.  You can see the size is quite large.  It's like eating a hamburger.  The bun is also well made and very authentic.  Reminds me of the baked pork buns in Chinatown with their sweet, sticky glaze on top.
Pork Belly Bun - #31 on 2012 7x7 SF's Top 100 Eats
Tender pork belly with pickled daikon radish.  I liked this bun the best.  Its a lot sweeter than I expected - the pork belly has a sweet sauce (glaze?), but they are quite generous with the pork belly!
Same as above (pork belly), but on the baked bun. 
If you want to try all the flavors/types of buns, I'd probably suggest just getting the steamed buns.  The larger baked buns are pretty filling.

Address:                       The Chairman Truck
                                              various locations
                                              twitter:  twitter.com/chairmantruck

Type:                                food truck/Chinese

Popular chomps:  pork belly steamed bun
                                              coca cola braised pork steamed bun

Chomp worthy:        pork belly steamed bun
                                               coca cola braised pork steamed bun

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