Top Dog

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Who says the west coast can't make good hot dogs?  Top Dog is a well loved east bay institution.  I have fond memories of this place.  There are actually a couple locations around the bay area, but I find that this location is the best.  It's busy all day, but it's 3a closing time makes it even more appealing.  Around the corner from bars and house parties, there are many memories eating a Top Dog hot dog on the curb at 3 in the morning.  Top Dog has an almost "soup nazi" like ordering system:  walk through the left door, speak our order, then side step right and wait.  The cooks here are fun to talk to and keep everything orderly, even at 3a.
Kielbasa hot dog.  A good hot dog has a proper snap to it.  This one will not disappoint.  The Kielbasa is slightly spicy dog on a perfectly toasted bun.

Address:                      Top Dog
                                            2534 Durant Ave.
                                            Berkeley, CA

Type:                               hot dog/American

Popular chomps: Chicken apple
                                             Hot Link
                                             Russian mustard condiment

Chomp worthy:      All of it!  

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