Sneaky's BBQ

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I love ribs.  Pork ribs- even better!  These ribs were dry and slightly tough with little meat - disappointing!

Pulled pork.  This pullled pork is really tender and juicy.  The sauce gives it a nice sweet, but smokey flavor.

 Pork belly.  Of course, if there is pork belly on the menu I have to ordered it.  This pork belly has a smoked flavor. They serve this dish as a big chunk and you slice it up yourself.  I'm not a big fan of that.  For some reason, pork belly doesn't seem as appetizing when you see it like that.  Overall, this dish was just ok to me. 

 Baked beans.  I randomly chose this as a side with the combo meal.  Surprisingly, this dish turned out to be the best thing I ordered.  The beans are still firm and has a tangy, but sweet taste.

 This dish doesn't look the most appetizing, but its delicious!  The mac and cheese is creamy, but not so creamy it makes you sick.
Collard greens.  I really wanted to like this dish, but it was rather disappointing.  Not at all tasty or like any collard greens I've had. 

a "plate"!

Address:                     Sneaky's BBQ
                                          (inside Rebel)
                                          1760 Market St.
                                          San Francisco, CA

Type:                             bbq/casual

Popular chomps: ribs
                                            mac and cheese
                                            pork belly
                                            pulled pork

Chomp worthy:     pulled pork
                                            mac and cheese
                                            baked beans  

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