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Shaved snow!  This was one of my favorite Asian desserts and I'm super glad that its finally made its way to the Peninsula/South Bay area.  After having a decent amount of shaved snow, I think I'm qualified to distinguish good shaved snow.  Not all shaved snow are made equal!  The common gold standard is LA's Class 302 (see post HERE), but I thought that it was a little watery for my taste.  Most of the ones in the Bay Area having either been lacking flavor or have a weird consistency.  I finally found the best shaved snow in the Bay Area - Sno-Zen!   

The snow ice here satisfies all the checkboxes to perfect snow ice.  Creamy texture, perfect layers, and bold flavors.  The peanut butter flavor isn't something I would normally get, but its definitely my favorite.  A strong sweet peanut taste that makes you want to lick the whole plate. 

Strawberry is a common flavor in these dessert cafes, but this strawberry flavor actually tastes like strawberry not the artificial flavoring. 

Mango is another very popular flavor (its often sold out!).  Delicious and so fun to eat.  I always like to decorate my snow ice with condensed milk and fresh fruits.

Unlike most shaved snow spots, Sno-Zen has a seasonal special flavors that I've never seen before.  The avocado flavor is creamy and tastes just like avocado.  It was hard to pick a topping that matched the avocado flavor, but I loved the crunchy almond slivers and chewy mochi balls.  And of course, condensed milk.

Address:                        Sno-Zen Shaved Snow & Dessert Cafe
                                       2101 Shower Dr.
                                       Mountain View, CA
Type:                             dessert

Popular chomps:           mango

Chomp worthy:             mango
                                      peanut butter   

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SnoZen Shaved Snow & Dessert Cafe said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful comments! We knew we had stumbled upon an amazing product when we tried it two years ago. Class 302 was our first introduction to Shaved Snow and, in our research, we also have tried most of the shaved snow offerings in SoCal. For a small, family-run start-up like ours, it's been an amazing feeling to be compared to some of the best shaved snow places in Southern California. We make our own snow blocks using our own recipes and we're humbled that we've been received so well here. Your review makes us want to keep doing all we can to continue offering the "best shaved snow in the Bay Area"! Thank you again! - SnoZen Shaved Snow & Desserts

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