Rotten City Pizza

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San Francisco needs more slice houses.  In the meantime, I've been heading to the East Bay to grab slices.  The level of pizza in the East Bay never ceases to surprise me.  Rotten City Pizza has to be probably the on my top 5 best slices in the Bay Area with my obvious number 1 Berkley's Gioia's (see post HERE).

This bare bones slice house showcases whats its all about - the slices. 

The slices here are ultra thin, wide (foldable, if that's your thing), a little greasy (not a bad thing), and just delicious in every way.  While the mushroom pizza doesn't over throne Gioia's Fungi, the slice is certainly satisfying.  The porchetta pizza toppings are a little hard to distinguish, but its topped with slices of pork belly, ricotta, salsa verde, and parmigiano.  The salsa verde gives this slice a surprising kick.  I thought this slice would be my sure winner here, but even though it was good, it was probably my least favorite of the four.

The cheese slice here has all the right things going for it - a good cheese flavor with just the right bout of stringiness.  On the bianco verde slice, a pesto swirl decorated the slice in a artistic circular fashion.  The sprinkle of chili flakes gave it a nice spicy touch.

Address:                   Rotten City Pizza
                                   6613 Hollis St.
                                   Emeryville, CA

Type:                          pizza

Popular chomps:      porchetta
                                     meatball sub

Chomp worthy:         cheese

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