Kaka Udon Kitchen

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The name of this restaurant is sort of hilarious, but the thing that drew me here was the freshly made udon noodles.  After having some phenomenal handmade udon noodles in LA's Marugame Monzo (see post HERE), I was pretty excited to see something like that pop up in the city.

Unfortunately, the restaurant doesn't center itself around a udon making show like at Marugame Monzo, but the small area in the front of the restaurant did look like legit noodle making was done there.  I did find it little worrisome that the whole time I was eating there that no noodles were being made.

Besides noodles, they have various side dishes that you can order to eat with your udon.  The tempura shrimp look good, but tasted off.  The shrimp didn't taste very fresh and didn't seem to be fried well.
Same goes for the tonkatsu.  Looks good, but the taste was pretty bad. 

Croquettes are usually some of my favorite items to eat.  They are often made in house with a creamy center and a nicely fried exterior.  I doubt they make theirs in house since they taste pretty generic and artificial.  I suggest not ordering anything fried here since all the fried items I ordered were pretty terrible.

You pick your own soups.  This one is the soy sauce broth, which wasn't too bad.  It came with heaps of fresh vegetables and mushrooms.  The only big disappointment were the noodles.  They didn't have a chewy texture and reminded me of the store bought udon noodles at Ranch 99.

The spicy beef udon had a milky color that reminded me of ramen.  Flavorwise, I was surprised by how good it was.  Its by no means an exceptional bowl of noodles, but if they would just get their noodles chewier then I wouldn't mind stopping in to try other flavors.

Address:                Kaka Udon Kitchen

                               1535 Franklin St
                               San Francisco, CA
Type:                      Japanese

Popular chomps:    curry udon
                                spicy beef udon
                                seafood udon
                                miso udon
                                pork udon
Chomp worthy:       spicy beef udon
                                soy sauce udon      

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