Day trip - Pescadero

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Its Indian summer and everyone is off to Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay, but I decided to check out Pescadero for a quick day trip outside the city.  Its less than an hour drive from the city and its not as crowded as Santa Cruz or Half Moon Bay. 
Downtown Pescadero is quaint and spans a couple blocks, if that.  There are a couple shops, but I think the fruit stand is definitely worth a visit.

This small lot is a fruit and vegetable tasting treasure.  Filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, and different types of honey, everything is so delicious and fun to try, you can't help but buy at least one thing.

Arcangeli Grocery Co. is right in the middle of the downtown area.  Most people stop here to pick up a quick snack or use it as a rest stop.  Its definitely worth a visit to check out their own jams, jellies, sauces, and other yummy goodies.

Right when you walk in, there is a stand of homemade pies (blueberry, cherry, boysenberry, and even strawberry).  I had my heart set on strawberry, but they were sold out for the day.  Next time.

Another couple steps into the store takes you to a cabinet filled with baked goodies.  The must get item is the artichoke garlic herb bread.  Its a cult favorite and most people that walk in here grab two of them.  Best thing about them is the breads are warm!
If you walk to the back there's a small sandwich counter where you can order custom made sandwiches.
They also sell deli pickles that you grab from a barrel.
Most people seem to eat their sandwiches in town, but I highly suggest driving to the lighthouse less than 10 minutes away and eating it there.  There's a couple picnic tables so you can enjoy your lunch and the ocean view.
The garlic artichoke bread is crusty with a nice fluffy inside.  The bread is mixed with chunks of artichoke and garlic.  So delicious. 
The artichoke is generously mixed through the loaf so you can get a piece of artichoke everytime you break off a piece.
While there is a custom sandwich option at Arcangeli Grocery Co, I went for the Godfather.  It doesn't look like much, but this meaty sandwich was a surprising favorite.  Thinly slices of salami, mortadella, proscuitto, provolone, lettuce, onion on pesto artichoke focaccia bread. Full of flavor with a spicy punch, even after the sandwich was devoured it still made you long for more.

The breathtaking view at the lighthouse.

Address:                  Arcangeli Grocery Co.
                                 287 Stage Rd.
                                 Pescadero, CA
Type:                        grocery/sandwich

Popular chomps:      godfather
                                  artichoke garlic bread     

Chomp worthy:         godfather
                                  artichoke garlic bread  

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