Sweet Woodruff

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Quality food like what Sweet Woodruff serves up is a rare find in the Tenderloin area. 

The food at Sweet Woodruff does take a bit of time to cook, but its because every single dish is prepared so meticulously.  Even though the space is small, it has a airy feeling about it.  Also, they have counter seating so you can watch the kitchen prepare the meals while you eat.

The stoner potatoes were made up of thinly sliced crispy potatoes and sprinkled with cotija cheese, and salsa verde.  This dish probably would have tasted better if eaten there instead of ending in a sad soggy, oily mess.

So maybe runny egg is a food trend that some people don't like, but I think I'll never get sick of it.  The fried egg sandwich was perfectly cooked with a nice golden yolk.  Even ordered to go, the egg still kept its shaped and stayed runny.

October has almost ended and I've realized that I haven't had one pretzel in celebration of Oktoberfest.  Melted mozzarella topped the chewy pretzel.  The skin of the pretzel was a little harder than I like, but the flavor was nice, especially with the stone mustard.

After Rickybobby's crawfish grits (see post HERE), I have a new found love and appreciate for well made grits.  The jalapeno grits give quite a kick, but I loved it.  Smooth with tiny grains, I could eat this all up.  It was nice that it wasn't overpowered with a ton of butter as with most grits.

Address:                Sweet Woodruff
                               798 Sutter St.
                               San Francisco, CA
Type:                      American

Popular chomps:    jalapeno grits
                               fried egg sandwich

Chomp worthy:      fried egg sandwich
                               jalapeno grits        

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