20th Century Cafe

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20th Century Cafe is a new addition to Hayes Valley.  The space is gorgeous.  Its light and airy and you don't notice the craziness of the cars rushing down Gough Street.  The vintage charm of this place almost makes you wish they served afternoon tea here, but unfortunately, they don't.

Instead Michelle Polzine (former pastry chef from Range), makes the cutest, delicate pastries.

At $3 each, the potato knish is a little on the small side, but its warm flaky shell is utter deliciousness.  Thin layers surround a creamy potato filling.

Not your usual chocolate chip cookies, the cookie here is thin and crisp with just a touch of sea salt on top.

I've never been obsessive over honey or honey type food dishes, but the Russian honey cake here is fantastic.  I couldn't help, but admire all the work that went into this multilayer cake.  Layers of cream and cake are so well balance you get a moist sponginess along with a light honey taste.

In San Francisco, its always interesting to see what unique flavors are the newest rage.  Here its the peach leaf ice cream.  The taste is creamy with a sweetness that resembles pistachio, but if you concentrate really hard you can taste a young leaf of peach tree sprig.

Address:                  20th Century Cafe
                                 198 Gough St.
                                 San Francisco, CA 
Type:                        American

Popular chomps:      peach leaf ice cream
                                  honey cake
                                  chocolate chip cookie
                                  potato knish  

Chomp worthy:         potato knish
                                  honey cake    

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