Scoop Microcreamery

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The novelty of liquid nitrogen made ice cream is making its way down the Peninsula.  First Cyro Cream in Burlingame (see post HERE) and now in Palo Alto's Scoop.

The catch here is that while the ice cream is made with liquid nitrogen, its not made to order.  Instead its made in large batched and then displayed like regular ice cream in the cases.  I found it to be a little disappointing, especially when noting the batches have pools of melted ice cream in them.

Both the bourbon vanilla with salted caramel (top) and maple bacon crunch (bottom) were really soft in consistency.  Almost too much, that some of it started forming an ice cream soup.  Both flavors were just ok and although I can get a little impatient while waiting for Smitten's liquid nitrogen ice cream in the city (see post HERE), I'm now learning that this type of flavor and ice cream is not easily duplicated.

Address:                Scoop Microcreamery
                               203 Univerisity Ave.
                               Palo Alto, CA

Type:                      ice cream

Popular chomps:    bourbon vanilla

Chomp worthy:       nothing        

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