Nick's Pizza

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Nick's Pizza seems to be a well loved pizza place in the East Bay area.  Oddly, I've never seen it driving along Shattuck.

The slices here are more on the greasy side, which isn't a bad thing, but I found the flavors to just be a little better than the average chain pizza.  Especially compared to all the amazing pizza in the area, both the cheese and the pepperoni slice fell a little short of expectations.

The mushroom was probably the best of the three, but even so the taste of the crust here is nothing special.  Its probably a decent spot if you are in the area and needing of a slice, but other than that its not raveworthy.
Address:                 Nick's Pizza
                                6211 Shattuck Ave.
                                Oakland, CA
Type:                       pizza

Popular chomps:     dino kale pizza

Chomp worthy:        nothing       

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