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I'm always down to travel for food.  Pacifica has always been just a town that I drive pass to get home or just known as foggy place for me so I was sort of a fish out of water traveling here for food.  Overall, Pacific is a quaint seaside town and I wasn't surprised to see Vy's Coffee in a small discrete strip mall.

I'm pretty sure they make the pandan waffles to order, but the waffle was limpy with no crispy edges.  Especially after noshing on the pandan waffle from San Jose's Nuoc Mia Van Dong 2 (see post HERE), I was able to notice the too subtle flavor of the coconut.  I did like the small bits of coconut in the batter, but there wasn't enough.

The pork banh mi here has a lot of meat.  Possibly too much and the marinade here is quite strong.  Overall, its an okay sandwich, but not really banh mi esque.  The vegetables aren't really pickled and the bread just doesn't come close to the crackly, lightness I expect in a good banh mi.

Similar to the pork banh mi, the combo wasn't impressive either.  A lot of meat and pate, but I could barely taste the mayo or spiciness from the jalapenos.  At $4.50 a sandwich and a decent drive from the city, it wasn't worth it.

Address:                   Vy's Coffee
                                  1715 Palmetto
                                  Ste A
                                  Pacifica, CA
Type:                         Vietnamese

Popular chomps:       pandan waffle
                                   pork sandwich
                                   shrimp toast

Chomp worthy:          nothing   

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