Jojo's Cafe

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Actively searching out some HK cafe food led me to this part of the city.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that Jojo's cafe served some of my childhood Hong Kong favorites that are so bad for you, but so good to eat.

Minced beef with raw egg is probably my second favorite Hong Kong after baked pork chop rice.  Its hard to say whats so great about this dish.  A great comfort food dish.  Its a  pile of minced beef with vegetables and a raw egg to mix. 

I love baked pork chop fried rice.  Its probably the single most recognized Hong Kong cafe type food.  However, a good one is hard to find in the Bay Area.  Creamy tomato sauce is layered on top two thinly sliced pork chop and rice.  Not the best, but its satisfying enough to keep the craving contained for now.

Address:                     Jojo's Cafe
                                    1537 Ocean Ave.
                                    San Francisco, CA
Type:                           Chinese

Popular chomps:         baked pork chop
                                     minced beef with raw egg
                                     beef chow fun
                                     won ton soup
Chomp worthy:            baked pork chop
                                      minced beef with raw egg  

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