B Street & Vine

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B Street & Vine is a cute little place for some wine and small bites.  It's all about the bruschetta here, which I've been saying wrong apparently all my life.  Its bru-ske-ta.  Bruschetta is an antipasto made of toasted (grilled) bread with various toppings.  There's a wide variety of bruschetta choices to pick from.  For $12 you get 4 slices and the slices are a fairly good size.  Each slice is cut into 4 pieces so its totally shareable. 
Right to left: salami, feta, and pesto; prosciutto with figs and mascarpone; spicy hummus with avocado and tomato; smoked salmon, chives, capers and mascarpone.  Obviously, its not hard to make these, but its fun to try all the combinations of meats and cheeses.  My favorites from this plate were the spicy hummus and the smoked salmon.  The spicy wasn't spicy at all, but it had a nice flavor to it.  And of course, you can never go wrong with smoked salmon.

Right to left: herbed artichoke and sun dried tomatoes; mango and avocado; fresh mozzarella with tomato, basil and dressing; brie with apples and spicy pecans.  The best from this plate were definitely the brie and apples (always a winning combination) and the fresh mozzarella with tomato.  I really wanted to love the avocado and mango, but it was way too sweet for my taste.

Address:                 B Street & Vine
                                320 S B St.
                                San Mateo, CA
Type:                       American

Popular chomps:     bruschetta

Chomp worthy:       smoked salmon bruschetta
                                 apple brie bruschetta     

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