Dessert Republic

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I've been searching out Hong Kong food lately because I've been missing some really good dessert items and cafe food.  Dessert Republic literally was hard for me to find.  Its hidden in a small alley in Downtown San Mateo.

The decor is sort of cute and kitchy, but the oddest thing was the push buttons on the table which actually ring out loud (yes, I tried).  It reminded me of the buttons at some Korean restaurants. This was a first I've seen from anything Chinese.

Eggettes, which the adopted English name, is one of my favorite Hong Kong snacks.  I've eaten a lot of these as a kid on many a trips to Hong Kong.  Usually, they have a crispy outside with a spongy inside.  Here, the flavor was bland and they were soggy.
Crepes are another popular thing here, but I found the crepe to be too thick and heavy. 
Address:                   Dessert Republic
                                  138 Main St.
                                  San Mateo, CA
Type:                         Asian/Dessert

Popular chomps:       sweet crepes
                                   mango jello

Chomp worthy:          nothing

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