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Starbread is the Filipino Krispy Kreme, except that instead of freshly made donuts its small sweet breads.  With locations sprouting all over the Bay Area (the original in South City/Daly City), they delight the masses with their famous seniorita bread.  They claim their are the original makers of the seniorita bread, but I fondly remember eating them a very long time ago at Banana Q in Vallejo before Starbread existed.  I have searched high and low for a replacement for Banana Q's version and only stumbled upon Starbread's version, which is good, but not a good enough substitute for a childhood memory of the most delectable buttery sweet bread. 

These cigar shaped rolls are made of sweet bread with a oozing melted butter and sugar filling.  Orders always come piping hot and fresh.  Buttery and delicious, these can be quite addicting and extreme willpower is needed when eating them.

Filled senoritas seem to be a new thing here.  There are three flavors:  strawberry, apple, and cream cheese.  The cream cheese was the best of the three and was similar to a cheese danish.  However, I still prefer the original made with butter and sugar.

Strawberry filled senioritas were my least favorite.  Filled with an artificial strawberry flavor, this seniorita was too sweet for my liking

Address:                 Starbread
                                5855 Jarvis Rd.
                                Newark, CA
Type:                       Filipino/bakery

Popular chomps:     senioritas

Chomp worthy:        senioritas  

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