Cryo Cream

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Nitrogen based ice cream has been made all the rage in San Francisco by Smitten (see post HERE).  Finally, this cool concept has trickled down to the Peninsula.  Similar to Smitten, Cyro Cream uses nitrogen to whip up made to order ice cream.  Right in the middle of downtown Burlingame on a hot day, I was a little surprised there wasn't a line out the door. 

The flavors seem to change daily.  The two that I had hoped to taste - Elvis and cereal milk weren't available so I had to go with some more traditional flavors.

First of all, the texture of the ice cream is really smooth.  Almost too smooth for me, it reminded me of the texture of frozen yogurt.  Also, their ice cream melts really fast.  The flavors here are really sweet and leaves a weird aftertaste.  While I know I'm a little spoiled with TCHO chocolate flavors in the city, this chocolate was too artificially tasting. 

Salted caramel is such a common sight these days, but its really hard to get a good tasting one.  This one was too sweet and didn't have that salty bite I associate with a good tasting salted caramel.  Best thing here was the cool color changing spoons.

Address:                     Cryo Cream
                                  240 Park Blvd
                                  Burlingame, CA 
Type:                          ice cream/dessert

Popular chomps:       elvis
                                salted caramel
                                cereal milk

Chomp worthy:         nothing      

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