Smitten Ice Cream

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This shipping container probably houses one of the most futuristic ice cream that the Bay Area has to offer.  Its like a Marty McFly meet Harry Potter ice cream concoction.   

Usually the line can get quite long and the wait can be lengthy, especially in the summer, since each order is made to order.  Only four flavors are made daily, one per machine.  All the ingredients for the ice cream are locally grown and sourced vendors.  
Kinda like a witches brew, this machine aka Kelvin, is Robyn Sue Goldman's one of a kind ice cream invention.  Its purpose is to make the smoothest, creamiest ice cream by using liquid nitrogen in 60 seconds. 
Almost every ice cream parlor in the city seems to do their own take on salted caramel.  Smitten's salted caramel ice cream is creamy and smooth with small flavor bursts of salty flecks that make your mouth salivate.  Bi-Rite's salted caramel is still my favorite, but Smitten's gets points for not being sickly sweet like others I've tasted.  I was expecting the ice cream to be extremely cold since its made with liquid nitrogen, but it didn't bring on any sudden ice cream headaches.    
#20- Kelvin-made ice cream at Smitten Ice Cream - 7x7's 2012 Top 100
The TCHO chocolate flavor is made by local vendor TCHO chocolate.  The chocolate is velvety smooth on your tongue with a deep rich chocolate flavor.  Almost as chocolately as Mitchell's chocolate flavor (see post HERE). 

Address:                 Smitten Ice Cream
                                432 Octavia St.
                                Ste 1A
                                San Francisco, CA
Type:                       ice cream/dessert

Popular chomps:     TCHO chocolate
                                 salted caramel

Chomp worthy:        TCHO chocolate
                                  salted caramel        

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