Specialty's Cafe & Bakery

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I think almost anyone who works/worked in Downtown SF has a special place in their heart for fresh baked Specialty's cookies.  Although its no Anthony's Cookies (see post HERE), its a great treat when you need a break at work.  There's probably five, if not more, within a two mile radius in the heart of downtown.

There are many cookies and sweets to choose from.  It's important that you ask if they just came out of the oven!  If they aren't freshly and I mean literally coming out of the oven, proceed to ask them when the next batch will come out and tell them you'll come back then.  The batches are baked fresh throughout the day and the wait for having a piping hot cookie fresh out of the oven is worth it and makes all the difference.
I like to keep it simple and go for the chocolate cookie.  Straight out of the oven, the cookie is warm and screams eat me now.
The warm cookie oozes chocolately goodness with a soft texture.

Address:                Specialty's Cafe & Bakery
                               150 Spear St.
                               San Francisco, CA 
Type:                      dessert/cafe

Popular chomps:    fresh baked cookies

Chomp worthy:       fresh baked cookies         

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