Panchita's Restaurant No 2

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I was strolling down in the Mission running some errands and then I got swayed for a bit by the sound of a sizzling grill.  Yes, pupusas grilling on the sidewalk in front of Panchita's Restaurant.  It's just something you can't ignore.  It must be a relatively new thing because this is the first I've seen of it, but it's almost like the daytime bacon wrapped hot dog in the Mission.  The smell of the greasy griddle wafting in the air to me is like a moth to a flame.

Two pupusas for $5 with a good number of choices.  They are griddled fresh and then stuffed into a bag so you can eat on the go.

Curtido (Salvadorean slaw) is one of my favorite things about eating a pupusas.  The sidewalk pupusas give you a choice of stuffing your pupusa or grabbing a bag of it to go.  I love the crunchy, pickley vegetables almost more than I love the actual pupusas. 
My two choices were the bean and cheese and the pork and cheese.  The griddling gave the pupusas a crispy exterior, which was slightly greasy, but its to be expected.  Only gripe is there wasn't enough cheese.

Address:                Panchita's Restaurant No 2
                               3091 16th St.
                               San Francisco, CA
Type:                      Salvadorean

Popular chomps:    pupusas

Chomp worthy:       pupusas        

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