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I almost walked pass Pig & Pie.  It looks like it used to be an old record store so look for the orange walls.  This made from scratch pie and sausage place that just opened up in the Mission.  Bonus points because on Friday and Saturdays it opens till 1a.  Many a night I've wished Rosamunde opened late like Top Dog (see post HERE).  Even though Rosamunde (see post HERE) is only a couple minutes, the Pig & Pie options are a different twist on a hot dog.  

So how else can you make hot dogs or sausages different?  Well, Pig & Pie actually makes their own buns.  Trays of hot dog bun molds are displayed around the shop.
There are four house made condiments to decorate your sausages with (from left to right): yellow mustard, spicy beer mustard, sriacha, and ketchup.  For sriacha lovers, their housemade sriacha is considerably tamer than commonly known rooster sriacha.
How genius to put a runny egg on a hot dog.  A runny egg always seem to make any dish in my book better.  The dog here is made with sage, ginger, and bacon pork sausage then topped with a fried runny egg and drizzled with their housemade sriacha.  The sausage is juicy and full of flavor.  I would have preferred the sriacha to be spicier though.  The homemade bun takes a while to get used to.  It has more of a crunchy, firmer texture versus the normal soft hot dog buns.  The bun does hold up well to the last bite, which is more than I can say for Rosamunde's dogs.
Mmm..runny egg.  Perfection.

The banh mi dog piqued my curiosity.  It smelled exactly as if I was opening up the wrapped of a banh mi.  The sausage is made with black pepper, garlic, pork, and pork skin.  Its topped with pickled daikon, carrot, jalapeno, cucumbers, cilantro, sriacha, and chicken liver pate.  Not exactly like a banh mi, but a pretty close homage to it.   
I've never been to Chicago so I can't tell how authentic it comes to a real Chicago dog, but it did have that sweet relish along with tomatoes, white onions, yellow mustard, and celery salt.  The sausage was juicy and flavorful, but out of all three sausages this was my least favorite. 
Not only does Pig & Pie make their own sausages and buns, but they make their own pies as well.  Its almost as if they were single handedly trying to take out both Mission Pie and Rosamunde (both within a couple minutes from Pig & Pie).  Thin slices of lemon were in every bite of the pie.  I loved how the lemon slices were slightly sweet, but still kept their pucker.  The crust was buttery, but not as flaky as I like.  I think I still prefer Mission Pie for the crust, but the filling at Pig & Pie shows some serious pie making skills.   

Address:                 Pie & Pie
                                2962 24th St.
                                San Francisco, CA
Type:                       desserts/hot dogs

Popular chomps:     banh mi hot dog
                                Chicago dog
                                 breakfast sausage
                                 lemon shaker pie

Chomp worthy:       banh mi dog
                                 lemon shaker pie         

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