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The Giants vs. Dodgers at the Giants ballpark is probably one of the more popular games of the season.  I'm not a super huge sports fan, but I am a fan of ballpark food. 
The view from the Clubhouse level.
You can't go to the Giants ballpark and not get garlic fries.  I've actually had garlic fries at other places including the Gilroy garlic festival and I think the garlic fries at the ballpark are the best.
The garlic fries are crispy at the ends and soft in the middle with a generous amount of minced garlic.  Super garlicy and addictive.
I almost missed this spot (its hiding in the corner in the Clubhouse level of the park). 
The nachos here are probably the best ballpark nachos Ive ever had.  Usually the nachos consist of just cheese, jalapenos, and salsa at best, but these came in a huge bowl with jalapenos, sour cream, olives, guacamole, and salsa.  The portion of grilled meat was generous and surprisingly really good.  It was cooked at a perfect medium rare and full of smokey flavor.

One of the most popular items at AT&T park is the cha cha bowl at Orlando's Caribbean BBQ.  Its located in the outside food court behind the bleachers.
The cha cha bowl is made of jerk chicken, rice, beans, shredded zucchini, and pineapple salsa.  Its not really spicy and has more of a sweet flavor.  You can add different sauces on top to spice up the bowl, like habanero and chipotle.  I've had the bowl before and I really liked it, but this time around I felt like the meat was a little dry.

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