Cam Huong Restaurant

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Cam Huong is one of the more popular Vietnamese sandwich (banh mi) shops in Oakland.  They have two locations.  One in Oakland Chinatown and one in East Oakland.  Besides banh mi, they sell various Chinese take out dishes and soups.  If you happen to go here an hour before closing, you can pick up a couple premade dishes for almost half off.    

I rarely buy fried rice in a take out spot like this, but I couldn't pass up the closing time $3 deal.  The rice was fluffy, but the taste was just average.  I did like thin slices of lap cherng (Chinese sausage) in the fried rice, which reminded me of my mom's fried rice.
The curry chicken sandwich probably had the most flavor out of all the sandwiches I got, but its best to eat it as soon as possible.  By the time I got home the bread was already soaked through and soggy.  
The one thing that I disliked about the sandwiches at Cam Huong is the bread.  The bread is too soft and lacks the initial crustiness when biting.  Also the bread is a little on the too sweet side.  The filling was average with nice crunchy pickled vegetables, but flavorless, tough meat.  Also, the mayo seem to be missing from all
The combo sandwich is a little skimpy on the meat.  The jalapeno peppers lack any type of spicy kick.
The shredded pork like the others were flavorless and disappointing.  Again, the bread is too soft.

Address:               Cam Huong Restaurant
                              920 Webster St.
                              Oakland, CA
Type:                     Vietnamese/sandwich

Popular chomps:    grilled pork sandwich
                                #1 special combo
Chomp worthy:       nothing         

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