Doughnut Dolly

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Doughnut Dolly is a cute pop up turned shop via Kickstarter.  It can be tricky to find, but there are small signs all over pointing you towards the handmade filled to order doughnuts.  If you know the Temescal area, its right around the corner from Bakesale Betty (see post HERE) so you can park around there and its a block away.

The signs point you down a small alley and the shop is on the right.  Just take notice of the small groups of people with doughnuts in hand and you'll know you're in the right area.
The fluffy doughnuts are fried in another location so they don't come hot, but they are filled to order.  There are three flavors (one per machine).  With a small poke and a pump, the sweet treat is made.  Its very similar to the way a cream puff from Beard Papa is made.  The fruit fillings are filled by hand by cutting a small slit in the doughnut and then gently stuffing the doughnut.  The flavors change regularly. 
The doughnut is about the size of a small fist, but its a good enough size to satisfy a sweet tooth and not feel sick from overindulging.  Its rolled in sugar so it can a bit messy when eating.
Even though the doughnuts aren't made on site, they are super fresh tasting with an amazing fluffy pillowy texture.  I imagine this is what clouds must taste like.  The naughty cream is a mixture of vanilla creme fraiche so its not too sweet.  Beware the explosion of the filling when taking your first bite!  The naughty cream is my favorite out of the three I tasted.
The raspberry jam filling is not as squirtable as the cream filled doughnuts, but still has an decent oozy quality.  The raspberry jam isn't as tart as I thought as it was going to be, but it was very fresh tasting. 
The chocolate hazelnut filling was surprisingly very liquidy.  I expected a more creamy or thick texture, but besides that it was delicious.

Address:                    Doughnut Dolly
                                   482 B 49th St.
                                   Oakland, CA

Type:                          dessert

Popular chomps:        naughty cream      
Chomp worthy:          naughty cream     

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