Zachary's Chicago Pizza

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Zachary's is an East Bay institution.  Even after all these years, its still get crowded and you can barely fit though the door.  The trick is to order to go otherwise the wait for a table could take over a hour.

This pizzeria actually has thin crust, but the crowd favorite is the stuffed pizza (deep dish).  Zachary's special (sausage, green pepper, onion, and mushroom) and carne (Italian sausage, bacon, salami, pepperoni, and mozzarella) are popular choices, but my favorite is the spinach and mushroom.

The crust at Little Star (see post HERE) is definitely better.  Its ultra buttery and crispy.  Call it nostalgia, but I prefer the taste of Zachary's pizza, especially the spinach and mushroom.  The tomato sauce is on the sweeter, tangier side, but I love the juicy chunks of tomatoes.

Address:                      Zachary's Chicago Pizza
                                     5801 College Ave.
                                     Oakland, CA 
Type:                            pizza

Popular chomps:          spinach and mushroom
                                      zachary's special

Chomp worthy:             spinach and mushroom
                                       zachary's special   

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