Chromatic Coffee

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South Bay may not be an area that comes to mind when thinking about cultish coffee, but Chromatic Coffee pours up some delicious coffee.  Previously in the Barefoot Roaster's location (also some really great coffee), this coffee house serves all the favorites: gibraltar, pour overs, and mochas.

While all the coffee are stellar here, its the coconut mocha that is the standout.  Not just your average super sweet coconut syrup mixed with some chocolate.  This coconut tastes like it came out of a freshly cut coconut.  There is very little coffee taste so this cup tastes more like coconut chocolate milk, but its so delicious that even non coffee drinkers have to agree its worth a trip.

Address:                Chromatic Coffee
                               5237 Stevens Creek Blvd
                               San Jose, CA
Type:                      coffee

Popular chomps:    coconut mocha

Chomp worthy:      coconut mocha      

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