Dinosaurs 2

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Dinosaurs 2 is one of three locations (the original being in Castro) that serves Vietnamese fusion sandwiches.  Usually I prefer my Vietnamese food (and sandwiches) authentic and unadulterated, but after having the banh mis at Cafe Bunn Mi (see post HERE) I've opened my mind (and stomach). 

For me, the bread is what makes a good banh mi.  Here, the bread is too chewy, so much so that it actually hurt my jaw.  The special is one of the traditional banh mis served here with slices of special pork, pork, and pate.  Unfortunately, the meat was dry and the pate was barely noticable.  Also, the jalapenos weren't spicy at all.
The grilled pork had the same issues - too dry, but I did find the mayo tasty. 

Shaking beef is usually tender and juicy, but as with all the other meats here it was so dry.  I can't verify if the sandwich had MSG, but I did find myself extremely thirsty after eating the sandwiches here. After this disappointing banh mi and going outside my comfort zone at the high end of $5 for a banh mi, I don't think I'll be open to paying that much for a banh mi for a while.

Address:                  Dinosaurs 2
                                 2522 Ocean Ave.
                                 San Francisco, CA
Type:                        Vietnamese

Popular chomps:       crispy tofu
                                  shaking beef

Chomp worthy:          nothing    

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