Artichoke Basille's Pizza

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Its finally here!  Straight from New York, Artichoke Basille's has finally made its way across the country and settled in a city that already has a large number of pizza places - Berkeley.  I was eagerly waiting for this place to open since I missed out on eating a slice when I was in New York recently.   A closing hour of 4a and within close proximity to Top Dog, I can see Artichoke Basille's settling in very nicely here.

The only three slices available today were the Sicilian, margherita, and artichoke.

I wasn't expecting a slice so sloppy.  The drippy white sauce reminded me of Davis's Woodstock white pizza, but this tastes so much better.  Surprisingly, it wasn't super cheesy, but actually tastes like cream of mushroom sauce to me, which isn't a bad thing.  Gooey with chunks of artichoke, this slice was my favorite of the two.  Half the sauce ended up back on the plate, but it helps to use the crust to sop it all up.

The margherita slice was thin and delicious.  The basil was very aromatic and fresh and the crust was tasty.

Address:                     Artichoke Basille's Pizza
                                    2590 Durant Ave.
                                    Berkeley, CA
Type:                           pizza

Popular chomps:         artichoke pizza
                                     margherita pizza
Chomp worthy:            artichoke pizza
                                     margherita pizza

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