Big T's Seafood Market Bar

Pin It Now! Big T's Seafood Market Bar is something that was very needed in San Jose and the rest of the Bay Area - a seafood market that cooks their own seafood.  Besides the usual oysters, lobster, and shrimp, Big T's also sells geoduck, which I do like to indulge in when I see it on a menu.

I find it almost mandatory to order clam chowder in a seafood restaurant.  The clam chowder here was a little underwhelming since I prefer my chowder thicker and creamier.  The flavor wasn't very rich either.

The softshell crab sandwich was probably one of the more interesting items on the menu.  I wasn't exactly sure how it would be served, but I definitely didn't expect a whole softshell crab between some bread.  The softshell crab was crunchy and the meat inside was extremely juicy and succulent.  The cajun mayo tied everything together.

I'm sort of a purist when it comes to lobster rolls so its no surprise that the toasted garlic butter lobster in this sandwich was just a little too seasoned for me.  A lot of stuff going on, but the lobster chunks were thick and plentiful.

Geoduck is a special treat, especially when its served sashimi style.  Here its order by the weight and served both as a sashimi style and deep fried.  I loved that they served it with both options, but I wished that the geoduck was sliced much thinner.  Also, it didn't taste as fresh as I had hoped it would be.

This is the first fried version of geoduck I've had.  The chewiness of the geoduck reminds me almost of fried clam strips.  The batter is more floury and I think it'd be much more tasty in a tempura style fluffy batter.

Address:                  Big T's Seafood Market Bar
                                 1694 Tully Rd.
                                  San Jose, CA
Type:                         seafood

Popular chomps:       oysters
                                   lobster roll
                                   softshell crab sandwich

Chomp worthy:          softshell crab sandwich  

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