Fatted Calf

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#64- Meatloaf sandwich at Fatted Calf - 7x7's 2012 Top 100
It's part charcuterie/meat shop and part gourmet food store.  You can even buy duck fat here!  They also sell a lot of unique locally made products you won't find in your average Whole Foods, such as bacon toffee and bacon covered sea salt chocolate covered caramels.  Not only do they sell food here, but they also hold classes here about pates, salumi, and butchery (check the website to sign up for classes). 
The meatloaf sandwich is one of the handful of prepared items they do offer for a lunch on the go option.  It's a really popular item here, but I have no idea why.  First of all the sandwich is served cold.  Also, its more of a meatball type sandwich than an actual meatloaf.    I prefer my meatloaf tender and the meatloaf here is a little on the dry side.  Another thing about this sandwich is that its premade so it's sitting out waiting for someone to buy it.  I do like the whole grain mustard they use.  Its very light and mild tasting.  I recommend taking this sandwich back home and heating it up.  It does make it taste a bit better.

When you think meat shop, you think pork right?  Of course ordering the pulled pork sandwich had to be a no brainer.  This sandwich was made to order versus the premade meatloaf sandwich.  The pulled pork had a lot more flavor than the meatloaf sandwich.  A little messy, but its pulled pork, and thats synomous with a good pulled pork sandwich.  Not the greatest pulled pork sandwich, but the meat was flavorful and tender.

Address:                       Fatted Calf    
                                             320 Fell St
                                             San Francisco, CA

Type:                               charcuterie/casual
Popular chomps:   chorizo
                                              meatloaf sandwich
                                              pulled pork sandwich

Chomp worthy:       charcuterie     

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