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A random mini hot weather streak led me to pine for some ice cream.  Apparently, half of Berkeley felt the same way.  A 30 minute line to get a Ici (pronounced "ee-see") scoop!  Although to be fair, this popular Berkeley ice cream shop almost always has a line.
The flavors change daily with a offerings of the classics (chocolate, Vanilla) and a little extreme (coconut-Thai tea, black pepper-sour cherry).  The texture of Ici's ice cream is very light so less creamy, so it doesn't feel too heavy and makes having two scoops less guilty. 
Mint wafer and chips, chocolate (from top to bottom) on a homemade cone.  The mint wafer and chips scoop had nice chunks of chocolate wafers with a slightly minty taste. 
Root beer float ice milk and coconut-Thai tea (from top to bottom).  The root beer ice milk had a very icey texture with a light root beer taste.  The coconut-Thai tea was probably the creamiest texture out of the four flavors with more Thai tea flavor than coconut.  Definitely make sure you get a cone verus a cup here.  The housemade cones have an amazing crispy but soft texture.  The taste reminded me a little of fortune cookies.  Also, the bottom of the cone is filled with dark chocolate. 

Address:                          Ici
                                                2948 College Ave.
                                                Berkeley, CA

Type:                                  dessert/ice cream/casual

Popular chomps:      scoops of ice cream on a cone

Chomp worthy:          all of the flavors

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