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Nopa - the brunch.  Nopa recently added brunch to their restaurants hours, but reservations are just as hard to get as their dinner reservations.  I did notice its easier to get bar seating and common table seating at brunch than at dinner.
Nopa bustling at 11AM!
Custard french toast - #6 on 2012 7x7 SF's Top 100 Eats
The infamous custard french toast with blood orange marmalade and honey lemon butter.  This dish is crazy good.  Not only is the bread the perfect thickness for the delicate custard texture, its also thick enough that it doesn't fall apart on your way to your mouth.  The two slice portion is actually pretty big.  You can order a smaller 1 slice order for half the price ($7).   
A close up look of the perfect consistency of a proper custard french toast. 
The Nopa burger.  This burger is available at both lunch and dinner.  A couple additions made this burger a bacon cheddar grass fed hamburger.  Not only is the burger delicious, but the fries are as well.  The fries are lightly crispy and well seasoned.  It's so good you almost wonder which compliments which.  

An extremely juicy burger, but the brioche bun held up quite well and made it until the last bite. 

updated - Working my way through the 2012 7x7's SF big eat 100 things

Address:                                                  Nopa
                                                                        560 Divisadero St.
                                                                        San Francisco, CA

Type:                                                          brunch/casual

Popular chomps (brunch):       custard french toast
                                                                         grass fed hamburger
                                                                         oven baked farm egg
                                                                         butter based farm eggs

Chomp worthy:                                  custard french toast
                                                                         grass fed hamburger

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