Batter Up

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 Up until this, the best corndog I've ever had was at the State Fair.  I can't belive that no one has ever thought of this.  A mix and match customizable corndog.  It's so genius.  Batter Up has nothing, but yummy praises from me, even though I did have to trek a little far for this snack.  It's definitely worth it. 

You have your choice of 2 ("double play") or 3 ("triple play") types of meats: from Polish sausage to Louisiana Hot Link and even some vegetarian tofu options.  You can even add some cheese in the mix.  I had both "the freak", a set combo of 1/3 turkey with basil & sundried tomatoes, 1/3 pepperjack cheese, and 1/3 chicken apple, and a customized triple play. At 3.75 each, they are a "steal". (pun intended)
A closer up disection of the personalized triple play: Louisiana hot link, smoked bartwurst, and smoke polish (left to right).  If you have room for dessert, batter up fries up desserts too:  twinkes, oreos, twix, snickers and reese's cup.

Address:                         Batter Up
                                               888 Geneva Ave.
                                               San Francisco, CA

Type:                                 American/casual

Popular chomps:   the freak
                                              Louisian hot link
                                              the big Barry
                                              fried twinkies
                                              fried oreos

Chomp worthy:      Louisiana hot link

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