Tacos Los Gemelos

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Redwood city is full of taquerias and taco trucks (similar to Fruitvale/International in Oakland.)  Middlefield Street reminds me of Mexico without the little kids asking you to buy gum.  It's lined with taquerias that still cost $1.00 for a taco!    With over 50 Mexican temptations for cheap eats all within a 15 minute driving radius, how could I not say challenge accepted? 

From top left, clockwise: Al pastor, carne asada, birria, chorizo
I have a standard order of tacos whenever I'm trying someplace new:  carne asada, carnitas, and al pastor.  Sometimes if they have it I'll order birria, tripe, or lengua.  This taqueria surprisingly did have birria so I did had that into the mix.  $1 tacos here! 
At first glance, I did notice that the tacos are single tortilla only.  This is pretty upsetting for me since I prefer 2 tortillas with a slightly longer griddle.  These corn tortillas were really thin and kinda floppy.  All the meats were pretty tasteless except for the birria.  Really flavorful and tender I would actually come back for a birria plate. 
Address:                        Los Gemelos
                                              2855 Middlefield Rd.
                                              Redwood City, CA

Type:                                Mexican/casual

Popular chomps:   birria
                                               carne asada tacos 

Chomp worthy:        birria

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