St Patrick's Day snacking

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Every year McDonald's celebrates St. Patrick's Day with their Shamrock shake.  Usually it's only at select locations, but this year they've rolled it out to all McDonald's locations starting 3 weeks before St. Patrick's Day.  This minty shake is possibly the second favorite cult following after the McRib with a dedicated Shamrock locater site, as well. 

Finally, something different from the same old street fair food.  An Irish twist on garlic fries in celebration of St. Patrick's day - beer battered garlic fries, topped with shredded corned beef, deep fried cabbage and "secret sauce" (which I think is mayo and a touch of mustard).   

Address:                         St Patrick's Day (various)
Type:                                 Irish/casual

Popular chomps:     Shamrock shake
                                                Irish fries

Chomp worthy:         Shamrock shake
                                                Irish fries

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