Turtle Tower

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Turtle Tower is one of the few restaurants in the Bay Area that serves up Northern style pho, where their claim to fame is their Pho Ga (chicken soup).  The other being in Oakland at Huong Que Cafe (check out my review HERE).  Turtle Tower is one of my to go spots when I'm looking for a nice hot bowl of soup.  They have three locations in the city, but the Tenderloin is the original location and the best one.   
There's usually a small line outside of the Tenderloin location on the weekends, but it goes pretty fast because there's a hidden back room in the alley.  Or if you don't want to wait, after 1p on the weekends is the time to go.
#41- Pho Ga - 7x7's 2012 Top 100
The soup is made with organic chicken that gives it its clean, fresh taste.  Another notable difference between this and Southern pho are the noodles. The noodles are thin, flat rice noodles (similar to Chinese style "ho fun"noodles) versus the smaller, round noodles.  Also, the only additives they give you are jalapenos and lemon.  I love the jalapenos they give you and usually ask for extra and dump them into the hot soup right away to spice up the broth. 

Address:                          Turtle Tower
                                                631 Larkin St.
                                                San Francisco, CA  

Type:                                  Vietnamese/casual

Popular chomps:    Pho Ga - #9 (chicken soup)

Chomp worthy:         Pho Ga    

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