Venga Empanadas

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Venga Empanadas is a small shop that sells both meat and vegetarian empanadas.  I've often walked by this shop, but for some reason I always thought it said vegan empanadas.  Being in San Francisco, I wouldn't have been surprised if it was vegan.  Anyways, you can either eat them there or get them to go.  If you get them to go you have the option of getting them heated up or cold.  I suggest getting them heated up and snacking on the empanadas while walking around the Mission.
Argentine beef empanadas - #33 on 2012 7x7 SF's Top 100 Eats
I'm used to seeing and eating empanadas with a more flakey crust.  Venga's is a thicker, doughey crust that keeps its shape intact while chomping into these meat filled pockets.  The Argentine beef empanadas were filled with ground beef, onions, red bell peppers, and hard boiled egg.  I didn't see any hard boiled egg in my empanada, but the filling was really flavorful.  The peppers gave the empanada a slight sweetness.
The spicy beef empanada filled with slow cooked ribs in hot chile sauce with chipotle peppers.  Definitely not spicy at all.  After eating the Argentine beef empanada first, this one seemed a little bland.  

updated - Working my way through the 2012 7x7's SF big eat 100 things

Address:                          Venga Empanadas
                                                443 Valencia St.
                                                San Francisco, CA  
Type:                                  Argentinian/Latin/casual

Popular chomps:      Argentine beef empanadas

Chomp worthy:           Argentine beef empanadas

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