Bi-Rite Creamery

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Possibly a little premature celebration of the great weather with some Bi-Rite ice cream.  Truthfully, I can eat Bi-Rite ice cream in cold and hot weather ( and I have!).  Gotta love the late night hours when you're feening for something sweet.  A scoop of chocolate and a scoop of cookies and cream.
#34 - Salted carmel ice cream - 7x7's 2012 Top 100
My absolute favorite at Bi-Rite, salted caramel.  Out of all the places I've had salted carmel ice cream, no one does it better than Bi-Rite.
Feeling a little daring - Check out my post on the Sam's sundae (with olive oil and salt sprinkles) HERE

Address:                         Bi-Rite Creamery
                                               3692 18th St.
                                               San Francisco, CA

Type:                                 ice cream/casual

Popular chomps:     salted caramel
                                                brown sugar

Chomp worthy:         everything        

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