Buddhanusorn Thai Temple

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Food at Buddhanusorn Thai Temple goes down every sunday starting around 10 until 2p.  Its best to get here around before 10:30 because parking can fill out fast and you don't want to have to park down the street.  The profits from the food go towards the temple.  Buddhanusom is one of three Thai temples in the Bay Area.  Its also the most lavish of the three.
Both the Fremont location and Berkeley location are probably my favorite spots to eat Thai food in the Bay Area, especially on a nice day.  It's best to come hungry with a group of people because there are so many delicious dishes to eat.

The grounds of the temple are filled with tents of different food sections and tables to sit and enjoy your food.  The first thing you must do is exchange your cash for tokens, which you use to buy your food.  One token is one dollar (cash only!).  Also, if you are coming for pad thai and som tum (papaya salad) I suggest making sure you hit up those two lines first because the wait can be long.
5 spice noodle soup with fish balls.  I always fill up on pad thai and somtum when I come to the Thai temple and never had a chance to try the soup.  The noodles of this soup are really thin so they soak up the flavors of the soup quite well.  Even with the pile of jalapenos in the soup, its not spicy at all.
Som tum is my favorite Thai dish to eat.  It's hard to find really well made authentic som tum.   Thai temple offers it Thai style (with shrimp) and also with anchoves.  I prefer the Thai style.  The som tum here is made to order.  Literally the Thai ladies pound the ingrediants with the green papaya in front of you.  Also, you can make it as spicy as you like (they give you a taste test before they give it to you).  The som tum is crispy and spicy.  The best papaya salad I've had in the Bay Area except for homemade.  
Another popular must eat at Thai Temple is the pad thai.  Also made to order, you have to rush to the counter and put your name down since the wait can take up to 45 minutes.  You need to keep on checking with the lady at the counter to see if your order is made because they don't call out any names or numbers.  Once you get it, the pad thai comes piping hot and the noodles are fluffy.  
There is some seriously legit Thai food here.  If you happen to be one of the rare ones that don't like pad thai or papaya salad, they sell curries and other rice dishes here.

Address:                         Buddhanusorn Thai Temple
                                               36054 Niles Blvd
                                               Fremont, CA

Type:                                 Thai/casual

Popular chomps:    bbq pork with sticky rice
                                                mango with sticky rice
                                                pad thai
                                                som tum (papaya salad)  

Chomp worthy:        pad thai
                                               som tum (papaya salad)

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