Cook's Seafood Restaurant & Market

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The clam chowder at Cook's is really popular.  This chowder was not as thick as I prefer.  Even though the flavor of the chowder was pretty good, I was only able to scoop out a couple clams from this bowl.
Cook's offers both halibut and cod fillets choices for their fish and chips.  The fried fish is perfectly fried without any greasiness.  The crust is golden brown and delicious!  Each bite gives off a nice crunch.  Its served with a side of thick potato fries.
The fish here is so fresh.  The halibut is juicy and moist. 

Address:                       Cook's Seafood Restaurant & Market
                                             751 El Camino Real
                                             Menlo Park, CA
Type:                                seafood/casual

Popular chomps:  fish & chips
                                              clam chowder

Chomp worthy:       fish & chips

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