Beast and The Hare

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I've been meaning to try out Beast and The Hare for a while now.  The menu looks so fun and the dishes remind me of a lot of dishes I've had in New York - a more innovative take on American style gastropub food.
Beast and The Hare's creative take on poutine.  Instead of regular gravy and curd, they use lamb neck gravy and melted gruyere.  I was really excited to see this dish in San Francisco. I'm a fan of poutine and its pretty hard to find in San Francisco.  I wouldn't call it poutine, but the lamb neck was tender and delicious.  The fries stayed crispy to the last bite.

Of course, I have to order bone marrow if it makes an appearance on a menu.  Here, the bone marrow is more of a simple presentation with just an herb salsa and lots of bread, almost too much actually.  I wasn't a fan of this, even though I love bone marrow.  Its too plain for me here.  I prefer Alembic's bone marrow. ( check it out HERE)
Melt-in-your-mouth so tender stewed rabbit and bacon over polenta.  The polenta was so creamy it made me wonder if it was actually mashed potatoes.  There was a liquid layer, not sure if it was supposed to be the gravy/"stew" part, but it seemed too oily for me to partake. 

A cute version of fried chicken and "waffles" with a johnnycake instead of the waffle.  The fried chicken was overall a little sweet for me and lacked that crunch you pine for in a satisfying fried chicken.  Ad Hoc's is still the best I've had! (see post HERE )
Salted caramel creme brulee.  I was expecting something rich and creamy like custard, but its a little thick and heavy.
Beignets with orange caramel sauce a la mode.  The beignets were a little on the heavy, dense side and not at all like fluffy pillows of air, but they were tasty, especially when dunked in the orange carmel sauce with a litlte bit of ice cream.  

Address:                         Beast and The Hare
                                               1001 Guerrero St.
                                               San Francisco, CA

Type:                                  American/casual

Popular chomps:    house charcuterie
                                                bone marrow
                                                stewed rabbit
                                                fried chicken
                                    beignets with orange caramel sauce

Chomp worthy:         poutine
                                                stewed rabbit

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