Acme Bread

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The original Acme Bread location.  I prefer this one over the San Francisco location.  There is just something about being in enclosed in a small room with loaves of freshly baked bread.
Racks on racks on racks...of bread!
You can never go wrong with a classic - the sourdough round.  Nice and crusty with that tart sourness. 
Pumpkin breads are seasonal at Acme.  I got lucky and they were a couple different pumpkin options.  This one had a slight pumpkin flavor with cinnamon and raisins. 
Ham and cheese croissant.  A nice big slab of real ham,  not the wimpy slices of deli ham, mixed with cheese.  The pastry is so flakey and moist.  So good!

Address:                         Acme Bread
                                              1601 San Pablo Ave.
                                              Berkeley, CA

Type:                                 bakery

Popular chomps:   sourdough round
                                               pain epis
                                               apple turnovers
                                               essentially everything

Chomp worthy:       sourdough round

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